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Catherine Williamson

Catherine Thompson


Over the last ten years, I have changed practically every aspect of my life. Corporate director to self-employed, retraining and launching a successful new career as an executive coach, whilst as a single parent juggling the demands of a young family with my own ambitions for personal happiness.

I have been coached throughout this process and it has been the defining aspect that catapulted me forward at times when I became stuck, alternatively slowed me down when in my mania for distraction I was spinning a million plates.

What being coached has taught me is there is no replacement for getting out there and ‘feeling the fear’. Nothing of worth I have achieved over the last decade has come from taking the easy or comfy option or trying to circumvent the tough bits.

The humility, humour and acquired wisdom of this journey are what I bring to my clients. Sometimes they are executives who live in the constant fear of being tapped on the shoulder and exposed 'as a fraud' other times leaders who want to spend more time with their partners not their PC!


Ben Kalus ~ Retail Operations Manager at Halfords

To recommend Catherine as a coach is to hugely undervalue the skill she has and the value I have personally got from our time together. Over the last year, I have not only grown in my understanding of how I appear to others, but also in my own understanding of who I am and how I have come to be.

Catherine is extremely agile minded and has a wealth of life experience to draw on - this makes time together always challenging, always fast paced and always a huge amount of fun. Catherine"s greatest quality is that her heart is in everything she does - whatever the focus of time together - Catherine is there in the room with you and you are on that journey as one.

My greatest fear when I embarked upon our time together was that I would be required to become someone that I am not. Instead Catherine helped me to find and understand the greatest gifts already inside me and brought me huge personal peace in being who I really am. The last year with Catherine has given me lessons and learnings that I will continue to revisit and remember for the rest of my life. I can only recommend time with Catherine as genuinely life changing and I will always feel deeply grateful for our time together.

Paul McClenaghan ~ Commercial Director Halfords

I have found my time with Catherine to be invaluable. She is incredibly insightful and our sessions together have been both enjoyable and challenging. She has helped me gain real perspective and personal introspection from which I, and the organisation, have benefitted.

I have been impressed with her experience, methods and approach and would recommend her for future senior coaching.

Martin Mason ~ Wolseley - Head of Learning and Development

This is by far the hardest recommendation I have ever written, largely because it is hard to do this amazing woman justice in such few words. Catherine is a rare and extraordinary person who possesses the gifts of warmth, intellect, experience and charm. Having had the privilege to work with Catherine in her Coaching capacity, I was blown away at her skill and ability to skilfully manage the growth and transition of her clients. A rare find and a true friend!

Ali Baker ~ Head of Learning and Development ~ Micro Focus

Over the many years I have known Catherine she has always been a challenging, innovative, pragmatic coach.

While she says it like it is; she tempers her approach with humour and humility so her clients can get the right message at the right time to make the right decisions.

She is a coach who, whilst individualistic, recognizes both the corporate and individual agenda.

Keith Scott ~ Head of Business Services at Halfords Plc.

I've had the privilege of working with Catherine for 8 years - she's a great coach and has given me enormous support from both a business and personal perspective, always providing new dimensions and extra depth to my thinking and responses. She's very empathetic and a great listener, with a highly effective personable - and sometimes unconventional - approach which draws on both her in depth knowledge of coaching and her own varied life experiences. She also has an uncanny knack for recommending the perfect book to read at just the right moment !"


I am a Coach known to be prepared to ‘slay dragons with compassion’. My clients have experienced considerable personal growth, improved self-esteem and personal effectiveness because I come from a place of integrity and therefore the courage to challenge. Combined with an understanding that embarking on the path of change can be frightening, disorientating and most importantly exhilarating.

I have had my fair share of media exposure. Done my bit on GMTV and The Simon Mayo show. I have been featured in the likes of SHE, Psychologies magazine, The Times and The Daily Mail. I am also a regular columnist and professional speaker.

I am President of the Amateur Association of Speakers ASC for Stratford and South Warwickshire.


Matthew Young ~ Business Director
Highways & Transportation - ATKINS

Catherine has done a superb job of understanding my personal situation, coached me in the areas where I needed to improve my understanding, and used insight, metaphor, and examples from her own personal experience to help me understand my own strengths and weaknesses. Her style is very adaptive, using tools and assessments as required and at the pace appropriate for the individual. I have become a more effective person as a result of the coaching, in all areas of my life.

Julian Walker ~ Chief Engineer
Head of Mechanical Engineering at Atkins Nuclear

Thanks, your coaching over the past 6 months has been transformational for me.  You have helped me understand my strengths and how to play to them, given me the tools I need to understand complex interpersonal situations, and provided me with confidence to simply be myself.  You’ve helped me go from trying to understand where I fit in the business to knowing where I want to take the business.

It’s been a pleasure working with you.


Executive Coaching

‘Getting out of Your Own Way.’

Are you revered by your colleagues? In control of your career? Blissing out with your soul mate? Doing the dream job that makes a real difference? Living off the royalties from the bestselling book you got round to write? Oh yes, and emerging from the gym twice a week fit and well?

If it were that simple, you would not need Coaches like me.

So what stops us from being, doing and having it all? And why don’t we spend more time with our partners and less with our PCs?

Because … we don’t have a big enough WHY.

And most of us “lead lives of quiet desperation” (Thoreau)

Well not after this Executive Coaching programme, you won’t!

A typical programme lasts for six months, meeting once a month for two hours. At the beginning, we meet to set objectives, preferably with the line manager. Then after the third and final session, there is a review of progress in conjunction with the line manager. This is in order for integration of any new behaviour to take place and to obtain feedback. Embedding new behaviours and ways of thinking requires fresh insight coupled with the repetition of new habits.

Included in a typical Executive Coaching Programme:

  • Preparation for coaching programme based on structured client self assessment, including motivational strategy, skills and resources.
  • Personality profiling assessment
  • Strengths evaluation using Strengths Finder a tool developed by Marcus Buckingham
  • Assessment of self-defeating beliefs derived from the work of Carl Yung
  • Development of personal brand statement
  • Value elicitation and life purpose exploration
  • Preparation for each session by the coach.
  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone access, if issues and questions arise between sessions.

Life Coaching Workshops

I am also available for professional speaking engagements.


  • BSc Hons Kings College London
  • Certificate in Person Centred Counselling Mid Warwickshire
  • Certificate in Transactional Analysis One Year Berne Institute
  • NLP Practitioner Sensory Systems
  • Executive College of Coaching
  • Peter Haddon Top Achievers BSI accredited Coaching programme
  • Lift Int Coaching accreditation
  • City and Guilds in Digital Photography Mid Warwickshire
  • Certificate in Journalism Warwick University

Contact me

If you are interested in my coaching, workshops, or as a speaker –
you can contact me by: catherine@jofish.co.uk

or call me on: 07710 442 652

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